Yesterday, child in tow, I drove to the home of the couple I lovingly refer to as my parental units. Driving past a middle school, I looked over and saw two students taking down the American and state flags. The other students milled around or were hurrying on their way home.

It’s amazing at times what memories rush, unbidden, to the forefront of your mind. Taking you back to a time you may have thought was long forgotten, or at the very least, not one that you would spend any time recalling. This was one of those memories.

I went to grade school in a military base. A Marine Corps base, to be precise. The raising and lowering of the flag was always done with great respect. As a sixth grader, I was chosen to be one of the few safety patrols guards. In other words, a glorified crossing guard, but we took our positions very seriously. It was a big deal to be chosen and presented with that white nylon safety patrol belt with its shiny silver colored badge.

We were not only responsible for making sure that no students crossed the streets before it was safe, corner crossing only….no jaywalking allowed…..we made sure that each grade lined up at the various school doors in an orderly fashion, decided which lines got to enter the school first…according to how straight and quiet they were…and made sure that before and after school, there was no running on school property sidewalks.

Our most sacred duty though, and one we all vied to be picked for, was flag duty. Two safety patrol guards were picked every couple of weeks for this honor. We were responsible for unfolding and raising the American and the state flag in the morning. After school, we lowered and folded these flags, making sure they were in perfect triangles when we were done. This was done with respect shown by everyone. If you were outside, and that whistle blew, you did not move. You did not talk. Either of those offenses done during either flag ceremony was a reportable offense, if caught by any of the safety patrol guards. For those two brief moments out if our school day, we paid attention and respect to something so much bigger than us, though admittedly, we were not necessarily aware that was what we were doing.

Which brings me back to the present, and small wave of wistfulness washes over me, when I realize that so many things that had meaning when I was growing up have lost their significance, but maybe that is the way of things, and a by-product of time marching on.

Moments in time

Standing at the patio door, watching the rain fall and drinking my coffee. There are moments in time that are forever etched into our memories. We remember the smallest details if those moments.

Today is one of those moments. Not because it’s cloudy and raining. There’s nothing, on the grand scheme of things, remarkable about it raining at the start of autumn.

Today is memorable as the day a dear friend is sent on her final journey to what lies beyond this life. Though she passed a couple of weeks ago, and her spirit has broken free of the body it was housed in, the family arranged the services to give those from across the country the time to make arrangements to come say their final goodbyes.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it there, and so, as our first hello was done from afar, so will our final talk to you later. We never liked the finality of saying the words good bye to each other.

So I stand at my patio, freezing my toes off, drinking my coffee, and listen to the clouds cry the tears I’m trying to hold back. “I’ll talk to you later, Maggie.” I can hear her reply, “thank you for remembering me.”

Do Not Cry

Do not cry for me, my dear…

My last wish is for you to
carry me with the breezes
when they swirl delicately
beneath the storms you’ll
gather amidst your spirit.

As rain pelts harshly against your heart,
let the soothing trickle calm your soul.
When you feel like you’re drowning,
lay down quietly and savour
the tranquillity of memories,
allow them to cleanse your pain.

I’ll speak to you through nature’s gifts
and I’ll never be far from your door.
When colourless clouds surround your mind,
I’ll paint them brightly with tones of love.
I’ll ask the birds who sing so sweetly
if I can borrow their voice
to remind you I haven’t gone far.

Every leaf or feather you see floating
is me, asking you not to cry.
Each pebble you see washed upon the shore
is your reminder that I didn’t die.
The rippling waters are my giggles
and the wave-tops are me saying hello.
Never forget how much I love you…

I’ll be here ‘till you ask me to go.

Jennifer Margaret Mcphillips

Monday mornings

Blurry eyed and slightly on the grumpy side. This seems to be par for course for Monday morning. Though, I have to wonder if we had a three day weekend, would Tuesdays be the day we all dreaded.

Maybe it’s that Monday represents of the end of Me Time. That all too brief period of time when what we do is our own agenda, whether it’s shopping, meeting up with friends, working in the yard, or sleeping. It’s our schedule and we’re not dancing to the tune of bosses and deadlines.

I figure we can continually wake up and think of Monday as the drudgery we have known it to be, or think of it as the start of a brand new week with endless possibilities. So often our thoughts manifest into being. If we think the day is going to be bad, sure as heck, it usually is.

I guess my point being, don’t condemn your day before its had the chance to start.

Have a wonderful and beautiful day!

Love and Light


After a dreary rainy, grey day I woke to find the sun shining. The beautiful blue sky littered with a smattering of fluffy white clouds. The birds are singing and squirrels are chasing each other over the now plush carpet of green grass that begs you to come scrunch your toes in it.

There is a definite feel of fall in the air. That could be due to the 15 degree drop in temperature, but there’s no denying that summer is in its last act and ready to make its exit, stage left.

Though I’m a warm weather girl, I love the color and scents of fall. The pumpkin patches, bonfires, (ok, not so much a bonfire as much as a small blaze in the fire pit) and the fall festivals.

If I am being totally honest, on of the things I love most about fall is that it’s the start of boot season! I’m not really a shoe girl. I don’t have a large variety of shoes, and I don’t have the urge to shoe shop whenever I happen to be in the mall. But boots?! I see boots and I’m chomping at the bit.

But I digress, summer is making way for fall. Soon the leaves will start to change from the various shades of green to the brilliant golds, rich reds, and warm oranges. Today, Mother Nature is giving us a taste of both seasons. I for one plan to enjoy it. I hope you enjoy your day!

Love and Light

Random Thoughts

So, I really don’t know why I’ve started this blog, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, so here we are. 

Tonight is the Blue Moon and I can’t wait to bask in her beauty. Hopefully, while I’m basking, I’ll remember to put out my crystals to be charged, especially since I somehow, even with a reminder from a friend,  forgot to do so last month. 

I don’t know what it is about Mother Moon that calls to me. Being a fire sign, I would think that it was the sun that charged my energy, but more times than not, I find my inner batteries charge, my semblance of peace and balance under the light of the moon. Who am I to question the gift she bestows on me?

Love and Light