Seasons Change

I sit by the window, watching the wind ripple through the leaves of the tall oak tree. Long gone is the bright fresh green of spring only to be replace by the warm tones of autumn. It happens every year, without fail, and yet no matter how much I delight in the beautiful canvas that the Goddess paints for us, I am always a little sad to see the end of summer.

If pressed about why the sadness, my answer would probably amount to  what could be summed up by saying, I’m reluctant to change. I like the long days and warm nights. I like being able to go to work in the morning and exiting the building at the end of my shift and seeing the sun still shining in the sky. I don’t like the short and cold days. Days of going to work in the dark only to leave there in the same state. Intellectually, I know that without change there is no growth. When there is no growth, things become stagnate and wither. It is a cycle of birth and rebirth, ever changing, ever growing, becoming something more than it once was.

We have a choice, to stick our feet, our minds, in our lives into concrete boots…never changing, never going forward, or we can meet the changes and see the beauty those changes may wrought. I, for one, am going to take my coffee outside,  and enjoy the beauty the day has brought with all it’s glorious colors.

Love & Light


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