On your mark, get set, GO!

I did it! At 3:30 this morning I achieved the 1600 word goal for the start of NaNo! I know, the word count can hang like an anvil around your neck if you let it. It can either be a stumbling block you use to quit, thinking that 1600 word hurdle is just to high and there’s no way you’ll make it over. Or you can think of it as that checkered flag at the end of the race, you see it waving in the air, so you dig in deep and from somewhere you find the words to cross that line.

Two things happened as I was running that NaNo track, I learned that I could sit and create something where there was a blank page; I could do more than bullshit pretty. I found my inspiration, and I worried that I would try to control the story instead of letting the story unfold how it wanted to be told; I learned differently. I can sit back and let the words come and let the pictures in my mind unfold as they will.

Will I make the 1600 word goal everyday? I haven’t a clue. Will I try to control the story again. More than likely, letting go of the reigns when i have to be in charge if so much in my daily life, can be a foreign concept and may be one I continue to struggle with. Will the voices in my head telling me their story go silent on me? I don’t know that either, but this run has just started and I’ve decided to get off the track; running in circles, and take the scenic route, cross country.

Love & Light