Every once in awhile, we all have a day, a week, a month, where the dark clouds circling above our heads, come crashing down, the heavy weight buckling our knees and leaving us gasping for breath.

That dark cloud holds something different for everyone; whether it be doubts, fears, hopelessness, or helplessness, it has the power to consume you, leaving you in a dark place inside your head. It can leave you wondering if everything you do is worth the time and effort. It can have you ready to chuck it all over the cliff to come crashing into a million little pieces on the ground below. It can have you feeling like jumping in your car and driving away for parts unknown. It can also leave you asking yourself if walked away, if your absence would be noticed.

So consumed with these thoughts, you can lose sight that those around you are juggling balls of their own, fighting to keep their own dark clouds from crashing down around their shoulders.

There is always a light shining, cutting through the darkness to lead you out of the abyss, if you take a breath and look for it. It’s the warmth of a smile from a stranger that says “I see you and find you worthy.” It’s the feel of a child’s arms wrapping around your neck, bringing tears to your eyes at the unconditional love so freely and joyfully given. It’s the friend sitting shoulder to shoulder with you in utter quietness, lending you their support. It’s that brief glance at someone else’s troubles and acknowledging that maybe you don’t have it so bad. It doesn’t sweep away your cloud, but it can change your perspective…and sometimes, a change of perspective is the hand you need to help you gain your footing and allows you to take a much needed deep breath.

Stay in the dark, or reach for the light? A choice we’re all faced with from time to time. It can be easier to let the dark consume us, but the light is so much more rewarding. This week, after days in the dark, I’ve chosen the light.

On the days when you find your dark cloud crashing around you, sucking the breath out of you, I hope you remember to look for the light. Most times it’s within ourselves, other times we need the light if others to lead the way.

Love & Light


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Incorrigible Lass says:

    I know those clouds well, they come and go… key word here being GO. I know I always try to remember that when they roll in and try to smile through it and look for that light… it is always there!!!

  2. I agree. Not always where you might think to find it, but it’s never far.

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