Plotting plotting plotting

I don’t know how writers do it. I’ve signed up for this NaNo challenge, and though I can see my main character getting to the place I need her to be, I haven’t got a clue as to what to do once she’s there. I sit looking at the screen of my laptop and think that this story is too big for this challenge, that I need to do so much more research than the allotted time allows for, that I need to do a different story; but no! This is the story yelling to be told, and tell it I will. (Insert eye roll here) like its giving me a choice. That is one thing I have learned so far. Once a story plants it’s roots in your brain, there’s no walking away from it until it reaches full bloom. It may go into stasis. It may even let you put it on the back burner for a while so you can work on other stuff, but it never leaves you. It’s a ticking time bomb waiting for you to light the fuse. Maybe, I’m not suppose to see where it leads. Maybe that’s part of the journey. It’s an adventure, after all.

Love & Light


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