Monday mornings

Blurry eyed and slightly on the grumpy side. This seems to be par for course for Monday morning. Though, I have to wonder if we had a three day weekend, would Tuesdays be the day we all dreaded.

Maybe it’s that Monday represents of the end of Me Time. That all too brief period of time when what we do is our own agenda, whether it’s shopping, meeting up with friends, working in the yard, or sleeping. It’s our schedule and we’re not dancing to the tune of bosses and deadlines.

I figure we can continually wake up and think of Monday as the drudgery we have known it to be, or think of it as the start of a brand new week with endless possibilities. So often our thoughts manifest into being. If we think the day is going to be bad, sure as heck, it usually is.

I guess my point being, don’t condemn your day before its had the chance to start.

Have a wonderful and beautiful day!

Love and Light


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